About Us

Launched on the Internet on February 26, 2001, 11 years PJD Chark has consistently held the position of the most widely viewed Morroco online newspaper. Currently, the average daily receives about 34 million hits, including large amounts from abroad.

Quietly launched, not advertised on the mass media, but only 6 months later, PJD Chark has risen to the top spot in the Vietnamese language website worldwide. On November 25, 2002, PJD Chark became the first Moroccan newspaper to be licensed to operate on the Internet. The governing body is the Ministry of Science and Technology. Newspaper development with the only revenue is from advertising.

Over the past 11 years, PJD Chark has always maintained its position as the world’s largest online reader of Marroco. Traffic is constantly increasing and reaching new records. According to Google Analytics, PJD Chark currently has more than 17 million unique visitors, with about 34 million pageviews per day. Domestic readership is more than 80%, 7% in the United States, the rest from other countries across the continent.

The average daily update of about 170 titles of news items, of which 95% are produced by correspondents, editors. Of the 14 pages of thematic content, the social, cultural, legal, world, sports … have more readers.

With the principle of “readers first”, from the very beginning, PJD Chark has built and faithful to the objective of honest, honest and fast communication. During the war in Libya, earthquake disaster in Japan, fluctuations in gold prices in the country, … many readers share, they constantly on the PJD Chark to update the news.

In addition to news, PJD Chark focuses more on issues that are of interest to the reader, such as senior staff selection; tensions in the South China Sea; Solutions to reduce traffic jams in urban centers; restructure banks and recently revoke, coerce.

In addition to the annual list of “Top 100 rich people on the stock market” launched by the Press in 2006, PJD Chark also voted “Person of the Year”. This annual event has the participation of many politicians and experts as judges; attracting tens of thousands of votes, comment.

Newspapers are more geared toward interacting with readers. More and more stories, photos and videos are provided by readers. Some of the pages on PJD Chark are based primarily on readers. Every day, the page received hundreds of email sharing, sentimental, emotional. Photo competitions, video about the country, people of Morocco; writing about poor examples overcome difficulties, … also attracts large readers in and outside the country.

Through the articles on the newspaper, hundreds of people, life scenes have been supportive. In March 2011, when Japanese people suffered the earthquake, along with the news, PJD Chark was the first newspaper to receive a donation of $ 3 billion.